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We believe that the most helpful therapy focuses on health and possibilities, rather than problems.


We believe that change is possible for every person, and that every person has the internal resources needed in order to cope successfully and to grow.

M. Scott Peck begins his bestselling book "The Road Less Traveled" with a simple yet profound statement: Life is difficult


All of us have experienced difficulties that create worry, frustration and disappointment: traffic jams, the challenging co-worker, repetitive unresolved conflicts with our spouse/partner, challenging children, mental health concerns - each of our lists is unique.


Counselling gives us an opportunity to discover that often the problem is not the problem - coping is the problem. Our response might be the real problem and counselling equips us to make a choice about how we will respond to life's challenges in ways that actually solves the problem.

Our therapists have been trained in

a number of effective treatment approaches including Cognitive, Acceptance and Commitment, Solution-Focused and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. 




Working with you, together we will choose the best treatment approach that fits with your personal characteristics - as well we will modify any approach as needed in order to make it work for you.




Counselling is sometimes seen as only for people with 'problems'. Mental health is one of our greatest assests, helping us manage stressors, enjoy mutually-satisfying relationships, overcome obtacles and generally live our lives well. Along with good nutrition and exercise, taking care of our mental health helps us feel and be our best. 

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