Couples Counselling

Identify and Address Unmet Needs 

Settle Unresolved Conflicts

Increase Intimacy and Connection

Improve Communication

Work as a Team

Experience Fairness and Equality

Rebuild Trust after an affair or other secretive behavior

Couples Counselling can help you and your partner to:

The process of creating a healthy, mutually-satisfying relationship is seldom a smooth journey.  The early stages of a romance are exciting, stimulating and affirming, and usually each person's needs are met during this time. 

But it is normal at some point in the relationship for a couple to develop an "unmet needs" problem, where one or both partners sense that an important relationship need is not being met.  Examples of relationship needs include:

                    1. Respect for each other 
                    2. Support and empathy
                    3. Communication and sharing
                    4. Mutual trust and honesty
                    5. Enjoying time together
                    6. Fairness and equality
                    7. Connection and intimacy
                    8. A mutually-rewarding sex life

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would each of you rate your current level of relationship satisfaction in each of these areas? 


Your answers can help you identify specific goals for couples counselling.

If, for example, you feel that your relationship lacks "connection and intimacy", chances are that you are seeking counselling not because of the lack of "connection and intimacy", but because, as a couple, you have been struggling to respond to this challenge in a way that actually resolves it.  Instead, your relationship may have developed communication breakdowns, decreased emotional and physical intimacy, lack of love and respect, infidelity, personality clashes or other negative patterns that have left you feeling hurt, disappointed or frustrated.

Our skilled counsellors can help you and your partner break free from repetitive unresolved conflicts, helping you to stop "fighting" and start solving the problem. We will provide you with practical tools and strategies that will help you work together to meet eachother's needs and increase your relationship satisfaction.

We offer two options for couples:

(1) the traditional 50-minute session booked weekly/biweekly;

(2) a single 3-hour 'CPR' session that helps couples get back on track quickly.

To learn more about our CPR session, led by Steve Abma, click here.

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