Relationship 'CPR'

A single 3-hour session to help you get unstuck and improve your relationship satisfaction in 3 key areas:

  1. Improving Communication

  2. Appreciating Eachother's Unique Personality

  3. Increasing Emotional Connection and Intimacy

 While many couples benefit from a traditional counselling approach (50-minute sessions booked weekly or bi-weekly), there are times when a couple needs to see positive change as quickly as possible or needs time to work through issues more thoroughly in one session.  


In the traditional counselling approach, couples will usually attend a few sessions before noticeable changes occur in their relationship - for those in crisis or eager to see change quickly this can mean a number of weeks of ongoing distress, which can be discouraging and even devastating for some couples. 


For couples who are feeling stuck, in distress or who are looking for meaningful change quickly without attending multiple sessions, we offer a single 3-hour 'CPR' session to help you get to the heart of the matter quickly. After the session you will have learned and practiced ways to rebuild trust, intimacy and connection, communicate more effectively, and increase your relationship satisfaction.

Relationship CPR:

A 3-hour private session to get you back on track quickly
We meet once together for 3 hours, with 80 minute intervals and a short break. During this meeting, we do some 'CPR' on three key areas of your relationship:


  • Communication: Expressing needs so that each feels understood and valued

  • Personality: Appreciating individual differences in the relationship

  • Romance: Exploring what makes each person feel loved and respected 

What to Expect:

Our meeting will begin with a structured interview, where your therapist will gather enough information to get to know you, understand the nature of the problem and identify your goals for the meeting. Throughout our meeting you will be provided with insights, tools and strategies that are tailored to fit your particular situation.  

At the end of this meeting, you will be given direct and honest feedback that will highlight your strengths and identify areas for growth. You will have a 'road map' for what to work on and how to get there. No cookie-cutter or oversimplified solutions will be offered. Instead, you will be given realistic, practical and user-friendly ways to help you resolve the issues in your relationship that are causing distress (and also will help you resolve future issues on your own). You will also be provided with print material and resources for your own use.

You may find this meeting all you need to get back on track. Or you may choose to arrange for a follow-up session to help you maintain your positive momentum and address any challenges that may arise.  Additional sessions will be the usual 50 minutes in length and normal fees will apply (see here).

Booking Your Appointment:

Call or text us at 905-321-0550 or send us an e-mail using the form below.


Before your session, download our CPR package that includes various forms to download and fill out prior to your appointment. (Click on each title to download your form):

  1. Couples Intake Form

  2. "Love Language" Assessment

  3. Couples Satisfaction Survey

  4. Enneagram Personality Assessment

  5. Consent to Services Form

These documents will take about 45 minutes to complete and can be sent by e-mail here, by fax (905-248-1234) or by mail to: Abma Counselling Services, 4056 Dorchester Road, Lower Level, Niagara Falls, ON, L2E 6M9.


The cost of the Relationship 'CPR' 3-hour meeting is $550 + HST per couple and includes a personalized action plan based on the meeting.


See our "Fees" page as some or all of the cost may be covered under an employee benefit plan. In some circumstances, we also offer a payment plan.

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