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Relationship Concerns  

Interpersonal Challenges are common. Whether it be with your partner, co-worker, boss, sibling, parent, or someone else, know that there are services available that can help you resolve your relationship challenges.

Couples Therapy


What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is a means of resolving problems and conflicts that

couples have not been able to handle effectively on their own. It involves

both partners sitting down with the psychotherapist to discuss their

thoughts, feelings and communication styles. The goal is to help both

partners gain a better understanding of themselves and of their partner,

to decide if they need and want to make changes, and to provide

therapeutic support to help them do so.

What does psychotherapeutic treatment for Couple Therapy involve?

Treatment plans for couples therapy depend on the presenting concerns

and the approach that the couple feel comfortable with. However there

are two modalities that have research-based evidence to support them and

are used at Abma Counselling Services: Emotionally focused Couple

Therapy(EFT) and Gottman Method Couple Therapy. EFT is an

evidence-based intervention of adult love and the bonding processes in

couples, designed to address distress and facilitate the creation of secure,

lasting bonds between intimate partners and reinforce any preexisting

positive bonds, with the goal of helping those in treatment increase security,

closeness, and connection in intimate relationships. The Gottman Method

is an evidence-based form of couples therapy that aims to assists couples in

achieving  a deeper sense of understanding, awareness, empathy and

connectedness within their existing relationship that ultimately leads to

heightened intimacy and interpersonal growth.

What are the signs that your relationship may be need for therapy?

Below is a link that outlines some relationship conflicts and problems that you and your partner may be experiencing that can can help you identify whether your relationship is in need of some therapy. It also describes various solutions and ideas to help rejuvenate your relationship. It is important to note, however, that the list of conflicts and solutions is not a replacement for a mental health professional. Rather, it is to be used as a tool to provide potential information to help couples take the appropriate first step in seeking therapeutic support.

Helping Individuals, Couples and Families Feel and Be Their Best
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