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Our Graduate Interns

Our graduate interns are Masters level students, completing their practical training for graduate requirements and licensing in Ontario.

Students are with us for about 8-10 months, and are fully supervised by experienced therapists.

Meet Our Graduate Interns

Our graduate student internship program is a recognized training program for masters-level student therapists. Meeting with a student intern is ideal for clients without employee benefits.

Carmen Esau

Couples, Adults (Aged 17+)

Emotion Focused Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy

Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Copy of Carmen Esau photo_edited.jpg

Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Relationship Challenges

Financial Difficulties

Justine Mogford

Couples, Adults, Teenagers

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Emotion Focused Therapy

Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Justine Mogford Photo_edited.jpg

Peri-Natal and Post-Partum Depression

Relationship Concerns

Anxiety, Stress 

Graduate Intern Fees

​Individual counselling:

$80 + HST

Couples or Family counselling:

$100 + HST


Dee,  our Client Care Representative, is available to help you book your appointment.

dee photo.jpg

We understand every situation is unique. Finding someone who can trust is important and we’re here to make that happen.

To get connected with a therapist, or to learn more about our services, contact our our office by phone/text or email.

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