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Couples Connect Retreats

Transform Your Love, Strengthen Your Bond


In every great story, the hero embarks on a transformative journey,
facing challenges, seeking guidance, and ultimately emerging victorious.

Your love story is no different.


Welcome to Couples Connect

We're dedicated to guiding you through a transformative experience designed to enhance your love, intimacy, and communication.


Our desire is for you to experience a deeper connection,

a rekindled passion, and a lasting bond with your partner.

Our Unique PAIRS  Approach


At the heart of our retreats is the PAIRS Approach, which is designed to enhance love, intimacy, and communication in a way that's unique to our programs.


Steve Abma has carefully crafted this approach to ensure that every couple

embarking on this journey leaves with a renewed sense of love and connection.


It's not just a program; it's a philosophy that drives your entire retreat experience.



Understand your unique traits and strengths for a deeper appreciation for one another, leading to a more harmonious and connected relationship.



Forge a secure emotional bond so you can learn to look out for one another, and count on one another, no matter what difficulties life brings.



Open your hearts and minds, and discover how vulnerability supercharges the level of trust, love and respect in your relationship.


Resolving Conflicts

Master the art of conflict so each of you can navigate relationship challenges with confidence, compassion and a win/win attitude.



Learn to notice and address thoughts, feelings and relationship needs as they arise, rather than ignoring or fighting about them.

What makes the PAIRS Approach exceptional is its focus on blending the best practices from various therapeutic modalities, including attachment theory, neuroscience, and personality styles.

This robust and user-friendly approach helps couples

dive deep into understanding themselves and their partners,

allowing for transformative growth and lasting change.


What To Expect

Our retreat is a carefully curated experience designed to reignite the flame of your relationship. Throughout your journey, you will:


Gain Deep Insights:

Explore attachment styles, personality dynamics, and the neuroscience of love. Understand yourselves and each other on a deeper level.


Rediscover Intimacy:

Reconnect with the passion and intimacy that brought you together in the first place.


Create Lasting Bonds:

Cultivate a love that stands the test of time and becomes stronger.


Enhance Communication:

Master the art of effective communication, allowing you to express your needs and desires in a healthy and supportive way.


Navigate Conflict:

Learn to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings with empathy and understanding.


Become Heroes of your Story:

Build a relationship that inspires others and leaves a lasting legacy.

Your Retreat Options

We understand that every couple's needs and schedules are unique. That's why we offer a range of retreat options to suit your preferences and requirements. Whether you're seeking a quick boost or a more immersive experience, we have the perfect retreat for you.


Designed for couples looking for a focused and transformative experience in a condensed workshop format. This retreat is ideal if you're short on time but eager to strengthen your bond and address specific relationship challenges. In just one day, you'll gain valuable insights, engage in meaningful exercises, and take home actionable strategies and a road map for improved communication and connection.


Saturdays from 9am to 3:30pm


$500 per person

(includes refreshments, lunch, materials)


For those who desire a deeper dive into the world of relationship enhancement, our two-day retreat is an excellent choice. This option offers an extended experience with more time for self-discovery and connection-building. It allows couples to explore our core concepts and exercises more thoroughly and enjoy some quiet time together, making it ideal for those seeking a meaningful yet manageable retreat.


Friday evening 6pm to 8:30pm

Saturday 9am to 3:30pm


$750 per person

(includes refreshments, lunch, materials)


Join our relationship and wellness experts for an extended, immersive experience in a relaxing setting.

Perfect for couples who wish to disconnect from daily routines and fully engage in the journey of self-discovery and connection. Throughout the week, you'll dive deep into our transformative approach, have some fun together, gain new insights and create lasting positive changes in your relationship.


Monday to Friday



$1,800 per person

(includes food and beverages, yoga, spa, excludes flight and accommodations)

Couples Retreats are offered throughout the year.

One and Two Day events are hosted in Niagara Falls, Ontario at the Doubletree Hotel and Spa. The Five Day Retreat takes place at Paradise Village in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Each retreat option is carefully crafted to provide you with the tools and insights needed to enhance your love, intimacy, and communication. The choice is yours, and no matter which option you select, you're embarking on a journey of transformation and growth.



Meet Your Retreat Leader

Steve Abma, MA, RP

With over 15 years of experience as a relationship specialist, I'm here to help you and your partner rekindle the flame of your love, nurture your connection, and create a deeper, exciting, more fulfilling relationship.

Steve Abma couples marriage retreat counselling Niagara GTA
The Couples Connect Retreat worked like magic. It rekindled the flame we thought was gone.


Your One Day Retreat

Immerse yourselves in a transformative experience as you explore four carefully curated activities designed to enhance communication, deepen emotional connections, and foster a shared vision for your future. From guided personality insights to delightful dining experiences and scenic walks, anticipate a journey that promises mutual growth, reward, and excitement for your relationship.


The One Day Retreat also includes a delightful, healthy lunch,  

and some time for a scenic walk to embrace the tranquil surroundings.

Session 1: Our Personality Mosaic

Using personality insights, create a collaborative mosaic reflecting your combined relationship styles. 

Session 2: Our Relationship Needs

Discover the link between emotions and needs and become an expert at identifying and expressing your thoughts and feelings. 

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Session 3. Conflict Chronicles

Turn conflict-solving into a team-building journey through a unique and entertaining experience that adds a touch of fun to conflict resolution skills.

Session 4. Charting Our Future

Clarify shared values, weaving them into a future vision that promises mutual benefit, reward, and excitement for both you and your partner.

Ready to Start Your Journey Back To Connection?

Your love story is unique, and the Couples Connect Retreat is here to help you write the next beautiful chapter.


Our transformative experience is tailored to meet you where you are,

whether you're newlyweds, seasoned partners, or anywhere in between.

At Couples Connect, we provide you with the tools and insights you need

to reignite the passion in your relationship, enhance your communication, and deepen your connection.

Here's How To Begin:


Reserve Your Spot

Secure your place at the Couples Connect Retreat today. Space is limited, and we're excited to welcome you to our next transformative experience.

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Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new. 


Your Free Guide To Solving Conflict

Conflict is a natural part of any relationship, but it doesn't have to be destructive. In fact, conflict can be an opportunity for positive change, healing and relationship growth. Your free ebook, From Conflict to Connection: A Couple's Guide to Conflict Resolution, presents a simple yet effective 3-step process to navigate conflicts in a way that reduces arguing, debating and defensiveness gets you and your partner on the same team. With this guide, you'll be equipped to transform conflicts into opportunities for growth and understanding. And most importantly, you'll stop fighting and start solving the problem.

What's Inside:

  1. Step 1: Leading with Appreciation - Discover how to start resolving conflicts by seeing things from your partner's perspective. Learn how to let them know you value and appreciate their viewpoint, creating a foundation of understanding.

  2. Step 2: Following with a Feeling - Explore the art of vulnerability and tenderness. Understand the importance of being honest and transparent about your emotions and relationship needs.

  3. Step 3: Ending with a Request - Uncover powerful questions that lead conflicts to a positive win/win outcome. You'll learn how to make suggestions or extend invitations for open, productive conversations that lead to a satisfying resolution.

How This Guide Can Help You: Developing confidence in your ability to navigate conflict is a cornerstone of a healthy, thriving relationship. Your guide will equip you with practical steps to turn conflicts into opportunities for deeper connection and understanding. Don't let misunderstandings and unresolved conflicts strain your relationship – get your free guide and unlock the power of conflict resolution today.

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