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Children and Youth


Social Anxiety



Peer Pressure

ADD and

Learning Challenges


Substance Use

Challenging Behaviors

Parenting Issues

Blended Families

Separation and Divorce

Eating Disorders

We provide treatment to children, adolscents, teens,

parents and families facing many issues, including:



Unlike counselling for adults, which is based on talk therapy, counselling for young children is done using Play Therapy. Play Therapy is an opportunity for a children to 'play out' their feelings and challenges, just as in certain types of adult therapy, individuals 'talk out' their difficulties.  

Play Therapy has been shown to reduce anxiety, build self-confidence, develop a sense of trust in self and others, define healthy boundaries and promote appropriate behaviour. Our play therapists incorporate art, dramatic arts, craft-based learning, audio-visual and individually-designed therapeutic activities. We also value and encourage the involvement of caregivers who can reinforce the child's progress at home.

and Teens

It seems that more than ever before, adolescents and teens are encountering a wide range of pressures and stressors as they transition from childhood into adulthood. 

We provide specialized counselling for adolescents and teens and help them to cope effectively with some of the challenges facing our youth, such as self-esteem, anxiety, depression, peer pressure, substance use, body image, bullying, stress management and eating disorders.  

In our relaxed and confidential environment, we help adolescent and teen clients acknowledge and work through difficult thoughts and emotions, and provide practical tools and strategies to help them develop resilience and confidence as they face life's challenges.


Every parent knows it - parenting is difficult. No amount of reading, studying or planning is adequate to prepare you for the awesome responsibility of raising children. To paraphrase author Charles Dickens, parenting can feel like "the best of times and the worst of times".

If your family seems stuck in "the worst of times", perhaps there are identifiable stressors such as child/parent conflicts, differences in parenting strategies, sibling rivalry, communication breakdowns, depression, anxiety, ADD, ODD, academic underachievement, separation or blended family dynamics, just to name a few...

While occasional struggles with parenting and raising children are perfectly normal, if you are feeling stuck and finding that your struggles are frequent and intense, just a few parenting sessions can help you become the parent you want to be. 


Family counselling is a type of therapy that involves all members of a family and, in some cases, members of the extended family. A family counsellor helps family members deal with important issues that may be interfering with the functioning of the family and the home environment. 


We view each family as a unique 'ecosystem' - every family has specific strengths, characteristics, patterns and challenges. Our job is to learn about your family and work with you to help your family be the best it can be.

Our skilled family counsellors can help your family improve communication, solve family problems, understand and handle special family situations (e.g. trauma, physical or mental illness, or child and adolescent issues) and create greater harmony and more positive and relaxed home environment.


Each of our therapists specializes in one or more of the above areas.

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