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Individual Counselling

We provide Counselling and Coaching for:

Do you want to change how you're feeling,

but everything you've tried just hasn't worked?

Maybe you’re going through a hard time 

and your coping strategies aren’t working anymore.


You’re looking for some extra support to get you feeling better.

Do you...

  • Lie awake at night with worry about the future?

  • Find yourself crying or feeling down throughout you day?

  • Avoid specific activities or people out of fear?

  • Have intrusive thoughts that interfere with your ability to focus?

  • Feel dissatisfied with your life?

  • Experience periods of hopelessness or helplessness?

  • Feel like you've tried it all (yoga, meditation, exercise, self-help books....) and nothing has worked? 

You're Not Alone

We know it's hard to find someone you trust and maybe you think your struggles can't be resolved.

After twelve years of working with clients, we have met and supported so many people just like you.

Many people feel stuck in feelings of anxiety, depression and trauma every day.

Our diverse and highly experienced team is here to help


We can help you find a therapist to make your life better now.

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Is Therapy Worth It?


Therapy is an investment that can bring joy, and peace of mind into your life and those close to you.


We invest in things that bring us joy all the time, cars, vacations, clothing and food...


But unlike these material items, the skills and tools that you learn in therapy will bring you lasting empowerment and ultimately happiness for a long, long time.

Why It Works

(Refer to the Approach section on home page)


  • Establish Your Goals: we'll explore the challenges you're facing and your hopes for the future;

  • Choose the Right Tools: we'll equip you with proven tools to help get you unstuck and live a more happy, satisfying life;

  • Action Plan for Success: we'll support you as you practice using new tools and strategies, and empower you to confidently face future challenges.

Let Us Help You Find A Therapist

Our Specialties

  • Depression and Mood Concerns

  • Anxiety

  • Relationship Issues

  • Stress Reduction

  • Anger Management

  • Weight Loss

  • Habits and Addictions

  • Pain Management

  • Grief and Loss

  • Trauma Recovery

Ready To Get Started?

We're ready to help you live a happy and fulfilling life

Meet Our Therapists

Get to know our team and select the therapist for your needs

Book Your Appointment

Schedule your in-person, phone or video session online

Need Help?

Get in touch and we'll help find the right therapist for you




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FORMAT OF issues page:

what is __________ depression

___________ symptoms 

types of treatment for ___________

how does counselling help with _____

3 options:

book now

meet our team

get help



Big problems are best solved in small pieces.



Counselling can help you... 


  • Acknowledge and work through difficult thoughts and emotions

  • Develop personal insight and knowledge through interactive conversation

  • Develop unused resources and leverage personal strengths

  • Manage present and future challenges creatively and effectively

  • Connect with your values and reach your goals

  • Enjoy more satisfying relationships

  • Experience a greater sense of well-being and increased life satisfaction

  • Shape a better future for you and for those around you

We are committed to providing effective treatment that makes a noticeable difference to you - now and for the future.

You can choose your therapist and book your appointment

at the "Meet Our Team" Page

Or you may phone us at (905) 321-0550 and we would be happy

to answer any questions you have about our services.

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